Farrar Bamforth Associates Ltd
Sustainable Developments
 & Green Building
Ecological issues have risen in importance recently from fashionable to compulsory, but it is not just about bolting on technology. Ecological design starts with the site, it's location, orientation and topography.

Every building we design is individual and tailored to the site. Construction detailing and low cost changes to the specification can have a huge impact on a building's carbon footprint.  



1. Introduction
2. The Legislation
3. Design & Specification
4. Airtight Construction &
means of Ventilation
5. Lighting
6. Water Saving
7. Renewable Energy

Green Building; Huddersfield

The selection of technology is about choosing the right combination for the project to improve the sustainability and reduce running costs of the building. We work with developers, landlords and property owners to improve the efficiency of their existing or proposed building.