Farrar Bamforth Associates Ltd
Sustainable Developments
 & Green Building
The Legislation

The Code for Sustainable Homes

This is a rating system for new build dwellings from 1* to 6*. The current minimum is 3* whilst 6* is zero carbon

We have a track record with developments in planning, on site and completed to Code 3* & 4*, We work closely with other consultants, builders & suppliers to achieve cost effective solutions to meet The Code for Sustainable Homes.



1. Introduction
2. The Legislation
3. Design & Specification
4. Airtight Construction &
means of Ventilation
5. Lighting
6. Water Saving
7. Renewable Energy

BREEAM (Building Research Establishments Energy Assessment Method)

This is a method of identifying the environmental impact of non residential buildings. We have completed commercial and retail developments attaining ratings of "very good" and further developments due to start in the near future, we are assisting our clients to achieve these targets now.