Practice Profile

Founded in 1976, our practice consists of a friendly, enthusiastic, and highly experienced team of architectural professionals dedicated to providing a personal service to suit your individual design and building requirements.        

We have been successfully designing and managing building projects for well over 30 years, and have achieved a significant amount of repeat business over this period.

We work locally, regionally or nationally on a diverse selection of projects for our clients, who range from private individuals to plcs.

Our practice continually evaluates and invests in state of the art technology, yet retains traditional skills of design and presentation.

John. H. Farrar
M.C.I.A.T, M.C.I.O.B
John Robinson
Richard Turner
M.C.I.A.T., A.C.I.O.B., M.a.P.S.
Tony Bowling
BSc. (Hons) Arch Tech.,  I.C.I.O.B.,
Dan Heneghan
BSc. (Hons) Arch Tech., M.C.I.A.T., A.C.I.O.B. 
Joe Hobson
BSc. (Hons) Arch Tech., M.C.I.A.T.
Paul Gooding
BSc. (Hons) A.C.I.A.T.
Matthew Carter
BSc. (Hons) A.C.I.A.T.
Andrew Cutts
BSc. Arch Tech. A.C.I.A.T.
Kirsty Phillips
Secretary & Accounts 
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